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SGX Nifty lot size was 10 but SGX decrease it to 2

Contract size=$2 (USD) * Current price of Nifty index future price So if Nifty future is trading at 8000 then contract size is $16000. While the minimum price movement of the future contract is $1 which means it is equal to 0.5 index price movements. Two kind of SGX contract is available for trading which… Read More »

Top Stock Market action to watch out for today

The Nifty will experience selling pressure at the start of trade on Thursday as weak overseas cues and a rise on crude oil prices hold back traders from taking long positions on local stocks. Auto and cement companies will be in focus as they report monthly sales for August. The markets are also unlikely to… Read More »

Sgx Nifty open 10 points on positive

Trading of SGX Nifty futures on the Singapore stock exchange indicates that the Nifty could gain 10 points at the opening bell, says Maximus Securities. Nifty PCR-OI has increased to 1.08 from 1.01. The rise in the ratio may be due to increase in PE of 9000 and decrease in CE of 9100. PE of… Read More »

Benefit of SGX Nifty Trading

The Singapore Exchange, which is expected to start trading in Nifty options in December 2011, may very well see a significant portion of volumes moving overseas. Lower transaction costs due to lower taxation will likely result in Singapore emerging as the destination of choice for trading in Nifty options, suggest some experts. Options are a… Read More »

SGX Nifty how Impacts our Share Markets:

As India and Singapore are in the same continent and due to global effect of share trading, the SGX nifty also indirectly related to the SENSEX and NIFTY. After the globalization of share trading, when countries can trade with one another, any change in the economic performance of one country has impact on the stock… Read More »

SGX Nifty relevant for India

SGX Nifty Futures volumes have been falling even before the NSE extended its trading hours. So the latest move by the Singapore exchange to extend its trading session may not impact NSE Nifty volumes at all. Following the National Stock Exchange’s (NSE) extension of trading hours, the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) has also extended the… Read More »

Sgx Nifty action to look out for today

The SGX Nifty Futures signal a 35-point up tick on Nifty futures as a slight bounce back after yesterday’s sharp fall is expected in opening trades. Markets in Asia continue to slide, save for equities in Japan. Chinese stocks are down nearly 3 percent and stocks in Hong Kong slid a further 1.3 percent. Australia… Read More »

Importance of SGX Nifty

Nifty Contracts on SGX is traded for 16 hours as compared to 6~ hours trading in NSE. This gives international investors flexibility to trade without any timezone constraints. Also, Singapore being a very flexible market offers a good deal visibility for Indian stocks through SGX Nifty. Investors who are unable to access Indian markets, but… Read More »

What is SGX Nifty

SGX uses for Singapore Exchange listed available Exchange in Singapore. SGX good is that the main spinoff of good index deal formally within the Singapore stock market (SGX). On the opposite hand, good futures on the SGX is operated for sixteen hours thereon exchange, whereas the NSE-50 presently deals for six-and-half hours on the NSE… Read More »